odd  /äd/ (adjective) different from what is usual or expected; strange
ODD. New York is a New York based multi-brand luxury boutique. The mission of the founder and creative director, Judson Harmon, is to dress and introduce a new creative wave and electric style that has grown ODD. New York into a hybrid of uninhibited fashion and daring artistry through a carefully curated selection of designers from around the world that also serve as a reminder that fashion, at its best, should be fun.
Celebrating the ever-changing world of designer fashion since 2012, ODD. New York works hard to create a welcoming workplace for raising bold ideas, creative aspirations, and personal career growth.
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Current Vacancies:
Updated: March 15th, 2017
Email for details on current freelance and direct employment vacancies listed below.
Web Administrator (New York)
Digital Marketing Manager (New York)
Social Media Administrator (New York)
Graphic Designer (Freelance)
Creative Assets Photographer (Freelance)
Photo Retoucher (Freelance)