Sanctums of Decision by Mehdi Farhadian


Sanctums of Decision is a body of intricately detailed portrayals of Iran's past whilst fusing contemporary history. Iranian artist, Medhi Farhadian explores extravagant interior spaces and gardens then translates them into phantasmagorical scenes featuring people and animals engaged in ambiguous acts. Certain artwork are visually left undone which are meant give a sense of uncertainty or left for the viewer to interpret what will happen. 


Last Minute Compromise, 2016

Daydream, 2016  


 An Everlasting Feast2016


 To the Health of the View2016


Farhadian's style unites realistic, expressive and fictional narratives which help relay his personal subject matters to the public. Drawing from the lushness of nineteenth-century European painting traditions and imbuing them with local specificity, ethereal qualities, and distinctly Iranian elements, these paintings reinvigorate representational art while simultaneously ushering beauty back into contemporary painting. 


A New Day2016 

Inspired by the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles

Mid-day Temptation2016 

Last Light of Day, 2016

Painted from a vintage photograph 


Mehdi Farhadian Artist Statement 

My new paintings are an exploration of the inner sanctum of aristocratic dwellings of Iran's past. Within glorious palaces, mysterious private chambers, and verdant gardens and hunting grounds, powerful statesmen would at times revel in pleasure and other times make major decisions that changed the course of history. My work is situated within this dichotomy between absolute power and elegant beauty, between blissful peace and the depths of feat that mark these landscapes of history. 


Truce, 2016

Considered to be one of the most poignant of Farhadian's recent paintings, Truce (2016) depicts two scenes: the aftermath of a hunting scene and war/battle. The atmosphere is snowy and cold with bloodstained snow surrounding the panther and deer as well as the painted pavilion. Symbols of royalty is shown with the crown emblems and the royal crown flower that blooms on the left. The viewers are left to decipher what they believe has occurred in this eerie narrative. 


The gallery is curated to lead viewers from whimsical, dream-like sceneries in Iran to darker and more powerful paintings. An impeccable visual tour of Farhadian's potent message of the dichotomy between blissful peace and depths of fear. 


This exhibit will be on display at the Richard Taittinger Gallery until October 2, 2016. Click here for more information on the exhibit and gallery hours.