Christopher Raeburn: BORNEO SS16

Christopher Raeburn is best known for his innovative approach to design and his ability to repurpose materials into high quality garments. For his Spring/Summer 2016 collection Raeburn drew inspiration from the maverick anthropologist, Tom Harrison, and his aptly named biography The Most Offending Soul Alive. Harrison spent much of his life to studying and preserving the environment and culture of the island of Borneo. During World War II he was parachuted into Borneo in an attempt to persuade local tribes to give support to friendly forces. Borneo and its tribespeople became Harrison’s home and the starting point of inspiration for Christopher Raeburn’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

Raeburn has made a name for himself re-appropriating materials in an eco-friendly manner and embodying the phrase, “quality over quantity.” Using military surplus materials such as air break parachutes, sleeping bags, workwear denim, and bivouac canopies, which he then deconstructed and meticulously remade into signature outerwear. Unexpected materials such as cork have been woven into backpacks and used in panels on outerwear, alluding to the natural resources and weaving techniques used by tribal communities. One of his most standout pieces is the Orangutan Rucksack which has become a suitable mascot or his SS16 collection, which can be seen swinging across sweaters, t-shirts, and prints provided by the maps of Berneo; the third largest island in the world and largest island in Asia.

A percentage of each bag will be donated to the orangutan foundation ( through Christoper Raeburn. The mission of these proceeds are to help protect this highly endangered species.

The Christopher Raeburn Spring/Summer 2016 collection is available now in-store 


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Images provided by Christopher Raeburn