Brooklyn-based artist and designer PJ Linden has been making waves since 2005 with her nature-inspired aquatic art. Starting on canvas she cultivated her unique style which would soon transcend beyond most’ imagination. Her meticulous, almost obsessive compulsive handwork has given her worldwide recognition. Each piece is hand-painted by her, and to some, takes on a machine-like quality. From paintings to iPhone cases, toys to large-scale objects, Linden has assured us that there is no stopping there. That’s why ODD. New York has teamed up with the notorious WONDERPUSS OCTOPUS (Linden’s alias and core inspiration), to create handmade, hand-painted, limited edition pins that will pair with just about anything. Whether it’s one, two, three, or more clustered on your favorite jacket collar, bag, sneakers, or boots - the possibilities are absolutely endless. Available in-store and online - click the link below to buy yours now.