Our friends at Folie sent Barranguet an ODD. New York shopping tote, and with swift motions of impulse, she has transformed the everyday object found in our store into a contemporary work of art.


“Spontaneity, chaos, laughter, turbulences and excitement, are some of the things that I believe keep the magic in life going.  With this in mind, when I create a piece I allow the contrast of emotions to show on the canvas.  Following no specific plan or rules, I look for inspiration in my impulsive brush strokes, allowing gravity and accidents to happen during the process, always in search of a final and positive balance. My intention is to create work that transmits life’s magic, with its beauty and imperfections. I see my painting as a mirror of myself, but mostly of what goes on in the world and the events that surround me. In fact, it is a reflection of reality, distilled through my experience, into abstraction. Music is always on, it is the bridge to my meditative and creative state.” 
--Vicky Barranguet



About the Artist:

Vicky Barranguet is a painter born in Montevideo, Uruguay that currently lives and works in New York. Vicky has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally and her paintings have also been acquired by various private collections. Her work is embodied by an empirical investigation of the pictorial structure, where processes departing from spontaneous gestures evolve into elaborate and complex systems where improvisation, organization of form and space, and attention to detail are at its core. 

Recipient of Merit awards at the ASL NY, exhibits at the Lincoln Center’s Cork Gallery, show curated by "The Frick Collection" curators. Galleries and exhibits: Jonathan Shorr Gallery - SOHO, New York | Shanghai Art Fair and IFA Art Gallery - China | Hearts of NY - Tokio, Japan | Galería Prinardi, Puerto Rico | Somniac Gallery, New York | Theater of the City of New York | Gloria Kennedy, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York | Space Art Center New York. In 2011 her art was chosen by Susan Street Fine Art Gallery and the University of California in San Diego, CA, mural permanent collection at the Suplizio Family Cardiovascular Center/UCSD (University of California) | Galeria Acatrás - Montevideo, Uruguay | Diana Saravia Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay | La Pasionaria, Montevideo, Uruguay | Galeria Los Caracoles, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay | Splendido Art La Barra, among others.


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