Enter Barbara Bologna's transgressive world of fetish, flowers, flies and fish with her SS16 collection, 'Searching Your Missing Sugar'.


By pulling influence from intense and revolutionary artists and musicians such as Marina Abramovic and Siousxsie and the Banshees, Bologna uses fashion as a means of discovering her art.


"Area is my space, my emotional/perceptive and physical place in which I find art, fashion, music and theatre... the place of those who are able to feel the rest through the dress." --Barbara Bologna




This season, Bologna pushes the boundaries of traditional clothing and silhouette shape; Red linen floral print 'Bon Bon' shorts are malleable by means of hidden metal wire. Pin striped long blazers and skirts feature circular stylistic cuts throughout. Backless fly print button-downs with exaggerated collars and corset-like ties hug every body curve while graphic print maxi tees remove shape altogether.




"My designs are containers full of artistic substance, sealed by my soul and by all the things that I am. My collections carry inside (and outside) the blood, scars and cuts of my soul..." --Barbara Bologna

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