By taking a new approach to the construction of her garments, Iris Van Herpen surpasses the boundaries of traditional clothes-making while exploring the powerful confluence of nature and architecture in her Spring/Summer 2016 collection, 'Quaquaversal'. 


Specifically inspired by the living tree bridges in India, Van Herpen mixes various techniques such as cutting, weaving, folding and growing to showcase the unique creations that can occur when mixing natural and architectural elements:


“The beautiful potential of plants and other organisms to form living architecture inspired me to make a collection that is tangled like a maze around the body. Inspiration came from the way plants and their roots grow, and how roots have been used to grow living bridges in the forests of India. This tradition of growing bridges inspired me to re-envision my process of making a garment.”

-Iris Van Herpen



Gwendoline Christie and the three 'Beings'


Van Herpen's runway show took this idea even further: Draped in a circular dress, actress Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones) laid asleep on a circular platform as three 'Beings' (created in collaboration with experimental design artist Jolan van der Wiel) wove the garment in real-time. The ‘Beings’ utilized laser-cutting, hand-weaving and 3D printing to construct the dress, which slowly grew from body to platform edge, quaquaversal in its geometries.


“Van Herpen’s work reveals the secret structures of our existence giving us a multidimensional experience of what it is to be alive, it is an investigation into the past, present and future in all its primal and mythological forms. ”

-Gwendoline Christie



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